Friday, February 13, 2009

Please Don't Squeeze the Opera

We had the final dress rehearsal last night. It's always a good time – lots of student groups come in and get to experience opera, many for the first time. We also had a few people come in off the street wanting to know if they could see the show (one couple had no idea what we were doing, but kudos to them for wanting to try something new).

I was at The Pearl Fishers Bazaar (open at all 4 performances – buy scarves, prints, books and more!) but briefly snuck backstage. If you've never been backstage at an opera, it's just as crazy as you'd think. There are singers warming up, people in full (or partial) states of costuming running around, and voices coming from the speakers giving cues like "This is the 10 minute warning for dancers" and "Mr. Panikkar to stage left, please."

I went backstage not just because it's fun, but to check out Opera Colorado's own Ben Davis – he sells tickets by day and acts in opera at night! Ben and the other male supers took some time out to pose for pictures – available on the slideshow on the right side of the page. Ben will check in with us later on how Opening Night went (as a super, he's got a unique perspective).

The only downside to last night was my camera being a bit on the fritz, so I couldn't take as many pictures as I wanted. But because I know you all want to see the sets and costumes – and I certainly can't blame you! – I posted some pictures taken by our own photographer, Matthew Staver. (He puts the "awe" in "photographer." No, it works. Say it out loud.) So check out the slideshow, have a great weekend – and I'll see some of you on Opening Night!

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