Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Clockwork Opera

This week on the AriaGirl blog, it's all things Hoffmann. For those of you unfamiliar with the opera, this week will get you up to speed.

The story starts, like most good stories, in a bar. Hoffmann is a poet trying desperately to get over his former female obsession: the opera singer Stella. Hoffmann gets persuaded to tell a few tales and begins recalling the three great loves of his life – who are really just Stella in disguise. The first one is a real doll (no, seriously) named Olympia, the second one is a diva-in-training named Antonia, and the third is a full-blown you-know-what named Giulietta. Each lady love gets her own act and we see Hoffmann's attempts at happiness dashed against the rocky shores of reality. You see, Hoffmann knows this guy, Lindorf – a local bigwig in politics – and is convinced that Lindorf is trying to destroy his life. So, in each act, there's an Evil Villain who ruins Hoffmann's chance for true love.

What's so great – although a little confusing – about this opera is that the composer wanted all the villains played by one baritone and all the women played by one soprano. Talk about a workout! Come November, Gaetan Laperriere and Pamela Armstrong will take the stage to sing those respective roles. (There won't be any flies on Julian Gavin as he's singing the extensive title role, either.) And if that doesn't get your opera motor running, take a gander at the crazy-beautiful production photos on the slideshow to your right.

THAT'S what I'm talking about. And I'm not the only one:

“Whimsical…highly imaginative”
-The Boston Globe

“A rare operatic production that combines a sophisticated story with excellent acting and top-flight music. Don’t miss it.”
-The Boston Herald

“A feast for the eyes…an incredibly fun and unique night of theater, and you'll never see its like again.”
-River Front Times

Ever since we announced the opera last January, people have been drooling over these sets and costumes. (I still want Leila's costume from The Pearl Fishers, but I wouldn't mind Giulietta's tiara!) Out of the whole production, they costumes and sets are probably What I'm Looking Forward to Most.

And what about you guys out there reading? I want to know what you're looking forward to. You can comment here, e-mail me, send a smoke signal, or whatever your heart desires.

See you next week!


Amy said...

I came across your blog through the Opera Colorado Facebook page. This is the kind of premise I'm trying to build with my blog in Philadelphia. Great idea! I would like to add you to my blog roll on my wordpress site and do a feature/post about your website!

Amy said...

Oh, should also mention, I sang with Opera Colorado in the mid-late 90's and it's great to read up on it again.