Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fundraising successes at Opera Colorado

It's a question I am asked often by donors: What else are you doing to raise money other than calling me?

I totally get the question. Our donors are incredibly loyal, generous, sustaining and in many cases have been giving to Opera Colorado for years. It's important that they know they are not our only source for funding!

Recently at Opera Colorado we have had a couple of successful events that I wanted to share with our donors and supporters. I'd like to call this a string of events yet with only two in a row right now I don't think I have enough to warrant calling it a string.

Yet these days, with Opera Colorado getting ready for an amazing 2013 Season and having to pay for the rest of 2012, a success is a success.

As most of our readers and supporters know, on September 22nd, Opera Colorado had our 30th Anniversary Gala. Some say the days of an elegant fundraising gala are over, yet the 380 guests at our Gala would definitely disagree. Then again, our Gala is not the run of the mill Gala. Live opera music. Cocktails on the stage of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, one of the best silent auctions out there, a no-rubber-chicken dinner prepared by Chef Kevin Taylor and his culinary team and then back to the stage for dancing.

Yes, it makes for a long evening, and an evening that benefits Opera Colorado's education outreach. This year we made goal for the second year in a row, we even beat it by a healthy amount!

A couple weeks after the Gala we had our first-in-memory warehouse sale. Imagine 30 years of posters, props, costumes, music and anything else you can think of that would accumulate in an opera company's storage facility. Hundreds came to visit us over two days and left with something that meant a lot to the person. Meanwhile, I watch a Cinderella carriage sell and many arm loads of costumes go out the door. By the end of the day we had sold much more than we had hoped, raising more money than we had originally budgeted.

Two success in a row.

And you can be a part of the third. This is very important and then I can call this a string of financial successes.

Join us on November 1st, 2nd or 3rd for a performance of Sideshow, our new cabaret, up close and personal opera. Performed three evenings in the 4th floor Studio Loft at The Ellie Caulkins Opera House, this is a great night out with amazing singing. One can purchase seats or a table, and a successful Sideshow means even more success with our budget!

If you would like more information on Sideshow or would like to purchase tickets, please call our box office at 303.468.2030.

Please know that all of our successes cannot happen without you. Whether you are a subscriber, a volunteer, a donor, or all of the above, success only happens with you.

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