Thursday, December 13, 2012

Future CEOs and Opera Singers

In November, Opera Colorado’s Education Department participated in The Adams County Commisioners’ Career Expo. This career fair is modeled throughout the country for its innovation and inclusiveness. The idea behind it is to get 8th graders to start thinking about their future education and career goals, and it’s designed to accommodate the entire Adams County population of 8th graders. That’s 5,500 students! Schools are bussed to the Denver Merchandise Mart throughout the day, and each school stays on site for about an hour. During that hour, the students have time to visit with businesses, non-profits, and higher education institutions to learn about the variety of different career paths that are available to them. Here’s a photo of our booth:

The photo above was taken BEFORE the students arrived. Below is an after photo:

The day was so rewarding because we were able to connect with so many students, even the students who had no initial interest in opera. I can’t count how many times I heard, “Oh, I thought opera was just singing.” Once they heard all the different jobs that go into creating an opera, their ears perked up. Suddenly, I had lots of questions about makeup and costume design, accounting, and marketing. We even had an aspiring glass blower who wanted to talk about the Chihuly piece in the lobby of the Ellie! 

What’s great about the Career Expo is that students are encouraged to follow up with organizations and businesses that they developed an interest in. Take a look at some of the letters we got from students:

Bravo to The Adams County Commisioners’ Career Expo for such a wonderful day…We look forward to participating in years to come! Stay in touch with the Education Department by liking Opera Colorado on Facebook and visiting the Opera Colorado website.

By Meghan Benedetto, Manager of Education & Community Programs

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