Thursday, May 3, 2012

Making The Leap

If you have been at one of our three operas this season or anywhere near an Opera Colorado event, board member, volunteer, or staff member, you probably have heard about Make The Leap. This is our first campaign of 2012 and it is designed to raise money to pay for our three operas in four months and to invite our donors to increase their annual gift.

The increase in gift has been the easy part. One never knows how a campaign is going to go, or what the challenges might be. In this case, many of our supporters just like making their annual donation in December.

It works for them.

It's when they make all of their other donations.

It's what they have always done.

Even though it takes a fun conversation i talking about a donation now, our supporters very much understand that their gift now means that we can pay for the charges of every opera now, and not have to use our line of credit to do so while we wait for the end of the year and our biggest time for donations.

The success is that we have raised over $100,000 in the first four months of the year with Make the Leap, and I am ecstatic. This is a great start!

Of course I hope to add to that number on a daily basis as I reach out and speak with our donors.

It all makes a HUGE difference.

If you have already made your donation this year or have Made the Leap, thank you!

If you haven't, my phone number is 303.468.2060 and my email is

Thanks for reading!