Thursday, June 21, 2012

Volunteers make it happen!

This blog post is in honor of everyone whose life includes volunteering for their favorite nonprofit(s).

Thank you simply isn't enough.

Opera Colorado recently honored our volunteers and awarded our annual Volunteer of the Year award. I was inspired to be around so many individuals who choose to support Opera Colorado and the overall performing arts community by giving us their time! Honored is truly an understatement.

This past season our development team introduced a donor relations table in the foyer of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House so that donors and potential donors had a place to go if they had questions regarding a donation or if they wanted to make a first-time donation. The table was consistently worked by volunteers. So was our brand-new merchandise area. Both of these setups were hugely successful and they would not have been so if it wasn't for our amazing volunteers.

And that is just the start of how valuable our volunteers are to Opera Colorado. From light walking to fundraising events to donor benefit events to supporting education programs and tours, the list could honestly go on and on.

Opera Colorado would not be as an amazing opera company as we are without out volunteers.

I recently once again thanked a volunteer who had been especially helpful to the development team this past season. Her response was "I should thank you for giving me the privilege of supporting Opera Colorado."

Enough said.

Thank you to all who volunteer at Opera Colorado. And for those who have considered volunteering but haven't yet for whatever reason, we could sure use your help for our 2013 Season!

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Dan Hanley, Director of Development, Opera Colorado

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