Thursday, September 27, 2012

Supporting live opera

As many of you know, Opera Colorado's 30th Anniversary Gala was last Saturday. I intend to write a blog all about the Gala later. This post is about people who support live opera.

As soon as I began as Director of Development here at Opera Colorado it was clear to me that people who financially support Opera Colorado and who are passionate about opera are also passionate about living. They're passionate about their community and about supporting other non-profits that make a community a better pace to live.

Day after day I meet people who firmly believe, as I do, that a strong community includes a strong performing arts community, one that has a thriving opera company. I am beyond grateful that I get to be a part of our community's thriving opera company.

And every day I have the incredible opportunity to speak with those who support live opera. Their support comes in many ways:

They volunteer for Opera Colorado.

They purchase tickets to an opera, or better yet season tickets for the whole season!

They make a financial gift to us.

They make a multi-year financial pledge.

They put Opera Colorado in their will.

They host our Young Artists.

My list could go on. My gratitude for all of these folks definitely goes on and on. I have the privilege of working with these generous people every day.

Thank you.

Thanks for reading our blog!

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