Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Carmen" and Corporate Partnerships

The other night was an amazing night for Opera Colorado and those who believe that the performing arts are a vital part of a healthy, vibrant community.

Opera Colorado's 2012-13 Young Artists performed their final dress rehearsal of Carmen before bringing it to schools throughout Colorado and Wyoming. In fact today they leave for schools in northern Colorado and in the Cheyenne, Wyoming area.

They performed to a packed audience of corporate partners and potential corporate partners of Opera Colorado.

Opera Colorado is incredibly fortunate to have an intense amount of individual support, and we receive donations on many levels from over 1,000 people a year. Like many arts organizations, we lack in corporate support. The Carmen performance was an opportunity to show off what we do in schools throughout not only the Denver metro area, but all over Colorado and even into southeastern Wyoming.

In many cases, our presence in a school is the only taste of the performing arts a child will get.

So the other night dozens of local business people arrived with family members and co-workers to see a 50-minute performance of Carmen, and the feedback has been mind blowing.

Corporate partnerships mean that we can bring live opera to even more students. These partnerships are also crucial to bringing full-stage productions of popular operas as well as rarely-performed operas to Denver. They mean that we can take a risk and bring the World Premiere of The Scarlet Letter to our stage.

Imagine being able to support Opera Colorado AND engage with our supporters! Imagine our Young Artists performing Carmen in a school, presented by YOUR company! Imagine your company name welcome guests to a World Premiere of The Scarlet Letter. Corporate partnerships not only support Opera Colorado, they add so much to the companies supporting us.

For more information on all that makes Opera Colorado such an incredibly important part of our community, visit our website at And if you'd like more information on what a partnership with Opera Colorado would look like for your company, please email me at

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